Trellis Update: Interoperability

The OATS Conference may have been cancelled, but that didn’t stop industry leaders from putting their heads together to build a roadmap for the future of interoperability and sovereignty for our supply chain data.

Last year Centricity Global teamed with the OATS Center at Purdue University to solve a specific problem: how do we satisfy all the wishes and requirements of a transparent supply chain, when we are all working with different formats? We knew we needed a way for many trading partners to be able to share information more seamlessly. We knew we needed a way to connect disparate food safety and compliance data with GS1 standard supply chain events in order to substantiate claims and uphold the integrity and transparency of the global food supply chain.

As we innovated with industry leaders and introduce new solutions, we would often hear these concerns:

1. “I don’t want to be locked into one software company’s solution at the moment. Processes change so rapidly, I need to keep our systems flexible enough to roll with the changes.”

2. “If we start translating data so it’s all in the same format, my competitors might gain access to my proprietary information.”


Through working closely with you; representatives from across the supply chain, we came up with unique solutions to these problems.

1. OPEN SOURCE We’ve kept our tools open source, for you and your team to build off however your particular company grows and changes.

2. SOVEREIGN DATA That’s why we’ve got a layer of protection built in to our interoperability efforts that allows you to keep sovereignty over your data.

We are proud to share the progress we’ve made on the Trellis Framework for Community Interoperability and Sovereign Automation. This framework is ready to plug into your FSQA data and pass along critical information to your vendors in whatever format they need it in, saving critical hours of admin time, so your staff can focus on relationship building, instead of digital-paper pushing.

This is just the beginning. There is a lot more innovation on the horizon.