We are Food. We are Growers. Packers. Distributors. Retailers. Consumers. Value Added Providers.
  • A resilient food system is one that aligns with our values; allowing us to make the best decisions about our food and the brands that we trust.
  • Today, consumers expect to be informed about where food comes from and how it’s raised.
  • To meet that expectation, many companies have invested resources into information systems that still do not inform people.
  • By leveraging open source communities to drive real value; leading innovators and visionaries are seeing results.

Old World Supply Chain Management

Antiquated Silos: emails, pdfs, time wasted on manual data entry, human error

Attempted Solution Cloud Solutions: lost data, security risks, unknown ownership, owned by others

Trellis Supply Chain Management

  • forms filled in automatically
  • translated from every regulator’s system
  • translatable to every retailer’s system
  • free to plug in now
  • works with every current system
  • more time for customer relations
  • protects sensitive data
  • saves time
  • owned by YOU
“Centricity understands the demands and challenges for growers and the value that a connected supply chain offers the industry and consumers.”
Ed TreacyVice President, PMA
“Farmers don’t care about interoperability. That’s a byproduct. They care about time and money.”
Aaron AultOpen Ag Tech and Systems Center at Purdue University

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