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How is my data managed? What about data ownership?

We’re a steward of your data. With Trellis and Centricity you retain data ownership.  We’re passionate about defending data sovereignty.  We do not sell insights, analytics or other data products and assert no claim or interest in your data. (Note, we offer support for insights/analytics.)

Are we locked into a vendor?

No.  We anticipate providing a turn-key and supported service primarily based on open-source code.  Should you desire to internalize support or choose and alternative you are not bound to proprietary technology.  You may elect to leverage Centricity’s unique data management tools which are commercially licensed.

What other possibilities/opportunities exist with this approach?

Trellis is built to exchange food safety certification and related data and Centricity teams are currently engaged in agronomic and sustainability data projects, on-farm interoperability, location tracking and anonymizing and others.  We welcome your participation on innovations in ‘blockchain-type’ Private Automated Certification, Oblivious Smart Contracts, trusted computing and data sovereignty.

Who is Centricity?

 Centricity is a private, grower-owned company headquartered in Washington with teams in Indiana and New Jersey.  Founded in 2012 we connect thousands of growers and hundreds of ag retailers, packers and shippers, references are available.  We’re deeply rooted in enabling data sovereignty and interoperability at scale in order to create a world of equitable value and knowledge exchange. 

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