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Dutch Webinar Review

On May 6, Drew and I attended the Webinar put together by the Netherlands based FME. FME is the entrepreneurial organization for the technology industry with  2,200 members  and  30 industry associations and platforms . We mobilize and connect the technology industry and society for any question or challenge to which technology is the answer. […]

Sovereignty During a Pandemic

One of the key features of the Trellis platform is sovereign data transactions across the supply chain. The word sovereignty might draw up images of data breaches and complicated passwords. But sovereignty applies to many sectors of life beyond data: history, politics, religion, philosophy. This article is an exploration of sovereignty in the broader sense, […]

Trellis Update: Interoperability

The OATS Conference may have been cancelled, but that didn’t stop industry leaders from putting their heads together to build a roadmap for the future of interoperability and sovereignty for our supply chain data. Last year Centricity Global teamed with the OATS Center at Purdue University to solve a specific problem: how do we satisfy […]